Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Species 8472

(You probably want to click on the picture to get a better view)

This is my desk at work. Or more specifically, what's hanging over my desk at work. Yes, boys and girls, it's a cheap, plastic rendition of the Starship Enterprise-D. The saucer and lower body actually separate, just like in ST:TNG. Pretty cool. And you can open up the top part of the saucer section and see a not-to-scale, pretty unrealistic rendition of the bridge. With a non-to-scale, plasticy Picard and Riker inside.

Only today, I happened to look straight up (yes, I sit directly under this thing), and saw and addition to my starship Enterprise-D. It's what you seen in the picture. It totally reminded me of Species 8472, which is actually from the Voyager series and not TNG.

I found out that IT Plumber/Janitor had stuck it there last Friday after I'd left work. I didn't notice it until today. My brain's usually in a fog on Mondays, but with my stress, exhaustion and lack of good-quality sleep over the past year, I didn't notice it until today. But it made my day. That, and the other stuff that happened over the course of today.

Yes, I am a Star Trek geek.

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IT Plumber/Janitor said...

That was supposed to be a very bad resemblance of me hanging on the outside of the Enterprise. BTW, I finally had some truly free time in front of the computer, so I am on a roll and leaving comments everywhere. Can’t complaint about lack of attentions now, can you?