Wednesday, September 10, 2008

10 Reasons Not to Talk to Irene

A co-worker sent this to me. I found this hilarious as my name is Irene. So here's 10 big reasons why you shouldn't talk to me:

And only because I was really curious, I'd managed to find the film trailer. Looks interesting...

Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Today is Hubby and my 6th wedding anniversary. Wow!

So we celebrated by going to watch Tropic Thunder last night. It was an okay movie, and although a satire, not as funny as I thought it was going to be. But the two that I thought shone in the movie were Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Cruise. Robert Downey Jr. was very good, as a direct quote from the movie "I'm a dude pretending to be a dude playing another dude!", which is exactly what he did. The picture shows how much you can transform someone when the makeup job is good. It took me a while to figure out that Tom Cruise was in the movie, I thought he did a really good job with his character (the makeup for both actors helped them keep in character), but I didn't recognise him at first. High acolades from me as I'm not a huge Tom Cruise fan. I give the movie 7 out of 10. It could have been higher, but some of the humour was a little too base for me, in particular the scene where Ben Stiler holds up the head. And that's all I'll say.

Tonight we went out for dinner with a bunch of friends at this trendy restaurant on 17th Ave in Calgary call The Living Room. The restaurant was definitely one of the better restaurants I've ever been too, and although it was a bit pricy, it was really good food. I can understand the price because they used high quality ingredients, and more black truffle than I've ever seen in one meal. I'll post up pictures when we download them. But definitely two thumbs up!