Saturday, June 10, 2006

Edge to Edge Marathon

Here's what hubby's doing this weekend: The Edge to Edge Marathon. He's doing the relay with a bunch of other people, so he'll only be running less than 10K for his leg.

As you can see, he'll be running along side the Pacific Ocean (the real ocean. From Vancouver, the water you see is the Georgia Straight, not real ocean). Hopefully he won't fall into the water. And have good weather.

(Well, running a marathon has got to be more interesting than what I'm doing right now, which is Evil Homework.)

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hubby said...

Actually, I ran on a path along the highway (9.2km)...not much to see. The first leg had a portion on the beach...the other runners said the compact sand was ok, but to get on and off the beach they had to run on loose sand (not good).

But it was a fun time...I even did evil homework there too.