Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I have to give a big thanks to IT Plumber/Janitor for helping us figure out how to remove our bathtub plug and allow us to fix the plug that's been plaguing us for some time (ours was Lift and Turn). You are not just a computer monkey after all. You should consider switching careers. Don't plumbers make $100/hour? And you can show your butt crack to all those housewives/husbands, great perk if you ask me. He's also got great cleaning tips.

Please also note in the post that hubby and I now speak to each other via IT Plumber/Janitor's blog comments (see second link). If this keeps up, he'll definitely need to start up a whole new section just so hubby and I can keep communicating.

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Hubby said...

What's the use of having the set screw? Grrrrr...