Monday, June 12, 2006

Hello G!

Gwynabella and I have never met. The only way we know each other is through a common person, "D". "D" is my co-worker, and "D" is a good friend of Gwynabella.

This morning, I found a post-it note with a message from Gwynabella. It seems she was in the office on Friday after I'd left. She really liked my wedding cake topper, and my other Star Trek paraphernalia. I figured I'd show Gwynabella (and my faithful readers) my cake topper in all it's glory.

I love my cake topper. I bought Locutus at a Star Trek convention, and Janeway on E-Bay. And glued it onto a surface. Total cost: $25-ish. Total cost for a regular wedding cake topper, about $100, depending on what you're after.

What can I say, I'm a geek. I still need to get around to buying the Jane Austen action figure, and then my life will be complete.


Gwynabella said...

The Jane Austen action figure would be a most excellent addition to your working space - and that my dear is the most freaking awesome cake topper EVER.
PS. Geeks rule. And so do strawberries.

hubby said...

Too bad it was Janeway and not Seven of Nine.