Saturday, June 03, 2006

Aggression is good

So I had a pretty hellish week. Actually this past month was pretty stressful, but it really accumulated this week. We had a deadline this week that our vendor had pretty much admitted they couldn't meet, and although they thought they did, they still had to go through user acceptance (ie we had to give them the thumbs up.) . There were no thumbs pointing up.

It pretty much was a lot of back and forth with several different people (there even was a VP in the melee), lots of not really good customer service, and a final mediocre product that still needs fixing. I had finally lost my patience. But we're at a point where we need to go-live, so go-live on Monday we will!

So anyways, last night at the gym, my trainer decided to do a little mini-circuit with me. She noted after the first round that I was pretty aggressive. I told her my long sordid story of all the jackassery that was going on at work.

So when I was hopping up from a bench to touch a low hanging ceiling, I wasn't touching, I was whacking. Hard. And imagining that I was whacking someone's head in the process.

Whack! Take that Mr. Vice-President-who-never-returns-my-calls.

Whack! Take that Miss-programmer-why-do-you-ask-me-how-the-system-
works-when-you-can-see-the-code-for-yourself- and-you-were-the-ones-who-coded-it-in- the-first-place-so-I-shouldn't-be-the-one- telling-you-how-it-works!

Whack! Whack! Whack!

My trainer also got me doing karate kicks on an exercise ball she was holding. I kicked very hard, but I didn't want to hurt my trainer. I like her.

Kick! Kick! Kick!

Sometimes it was the head I was kicking, sometimes it was the groin.

I think I really pushed myself cause I was already pretty tired a bit exhausted from the week, and afterwards, felt a big sick and dizzy. But it felt good.

(Note that I've never met these people before, only ever talked with them on the phone or email.)

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