Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Your core

I have been spouting the wonders of Pilates to people for year, but with no avail. The worse is when I try to convince a guy to try it out. Most guys would just laugh at me and call them "girly" exercises. (My rant about this I will save for another day. Thank goodness my hubby has somewhat of an opened mind and I had actually convinced to try it out. He now goes with me once a week to my Pilates class).

If you read any article as to why you should be strengthening your core muscles, they will tell you the same thing:
  • Weak core muscles contribute to lower back pain
  • Injuries can be prevented with stronger core muscles
  • Stronger core muscles will help greatly improve your sports performance.
  • Just because you exercise doesn't mean you're necessarily strengthening your core muscles (or strengthening them properly)
People, one thing that money won't buy for you is good health; once you lose it, it's lost forever. However, that also means that you should start taking measures to prevent (as much as possible) from bad health from starting. Your body will thank you for it.

Some articles you can read here, here, and here. But really, there are a ton of articles all over the Internet telling you the same thing, they are not hard to find if you just simply look.

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La Nouvelle Heloise said...

Hi Irene, I could not agree more, Pilates should not be seen as girl's stuff! I am a recent convert after using it to cure a recurrent sports injury. I am now trying to convince my hubby as well...