Saturday, January 27, 2007


This week has been very atypical for me. Here's a summary:

  • Work drama has increased. Thank goodness the work drama isn't internal to the group, it's external, but we end up cleaning up their messes.
  • I have two type of projects now: 1) Legitimate projects and 2) Stupid people's projects. Stupid people's projects are projects that we had to take on due to someone else's stupidity. But what this does is it pushes back the legitimate projects' timelines even more. And the stupid people's projects are multiplying faster than rabbits (see previous point)
  • My team (me, my co-worker and our co-op student) wrote out a list of projects we had on the go or saw was going to happen in the foreseeable future. It was very, very long. I also added another item to said co-worker's list just before I left work yesterday. Bawhahahahah!
  • I got raked over the coals by a PI (primary investigator) of a very large and important research centre. Well, the PI thinks that her research is very important (and it is, but no more important than anyone else's), and man, let me tell you it was a deer-looking-in-the-headlights moment. Afterwards, I was vastly amused by the whole thing, but she really asked me some pointed questions that I couldn't answer, or answer well. My other colleague, who was in the room with me and who is the one normally deals with her, said I did okay on my first try. I could tell at one point he was trying to help me out, but by then, I knew I was already being sucked in to accommodate her. And I was warned that she would do it to me too. Dammit.
  • I got pulled into two ad-hoc meetings which means that 1) I won't get my normal job done (so much for time management!) and 2) they were both at the end of the day, and I had to be there, which in turn extended my work day and increased my stress level.
Me in general:
  • I'm more stressed because of work, and I can't look forward to going home and decompress as there is the homework stress waiting for me at home
  • I was sick with a slight cold, so I couldn't go to the gym. Hence, I feel like a fat blob right now, and it certainly didn't help my stress level any.
  • I'm still going to see my chiropractor twice a week, so that also disrupts the normal patter of things. Plus I'm feeling guilty for cutting work so much and I have to work that around gym time and homework time

Some positive things:
  • Our team at work is really getting overloaded (I'm not the only one), so my director's looking to hire someone temporarily to alleviate that load. Don't know if that will actually happen, but at least it's acknowledged.
  • My manager has come up with a brilliant plan to hire another person to do a specific role, which will take some more pressure off me and my co-worker and let us do our jobs properly, whatever our jobs are (they need redefining). Also don't know if that will actually happen either.
  • Work drama, even after almost two years, still seems to amuse me, so I at least don't hate my job.
  • My cold is gone.
  • I'm going to soak in a hot bath right now and forget about my life for about 5 mins.


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IT Plumber/Janitor said...

I was thinking about what comment to leave. Then the more I thought about what I have to deal with, the sadder I felt. So, sigh..... that sums it up.