Monday, January 01, 2007


Last night, an avid reader of my blog and good friend, PJ3, brought over his Wii (that he bought for his son =P) for us to try out. I have to say that I really like the Wii!!

They weren't kidding when there were reports that you can get some pretty good exercise with the Wii. I can see how people can get strains and injuries playing with the Wii. I also can see how people can get their TV's cracked by flying Wii consoles.

What I really like about the Wii is that they created games that I actually like to play. I never liked the PlayStation/XBox type of consoles and games, the button/action combinations really confuse me, and my timing and coordination sucks. I like certain types of games, and the games where you need to figure out the different button combinations to shoot, slash, jump, roll, fly, etc just doesn't cut it; it simply doesn't appeal to me.

You can tell that Nintendo's really put a lot of thought into designing the gaming console as well as the games. It has made gaming more intuitive. It's fun, it's interactive, and I think it was smart of Nintendo to redo gaming that will appeal to a much wider group.

So, the Wii get two thumbs up from me. I would love to buy a Wii, but it's not so much the financial aspect, but simply I have no time (booooo!) to play with the darn thing. Maybe I will reward myself when I'm done the @#$#@% school.

Some Wii vs. PS3 hilarity. Warning: this may offend some, but if you're not easily offended, take a gander:

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you liked the Wii. Instead of having the Star Trek marathons, maybe you can come over and we can have a Wii marathon!!!

BTW, I think you mean Wii controllers flying, but it would be funnier for consoles to go flying...

The comment but nice parody on the MS/Apple ones.