Monday, January 15, 2007

KOOKY: Performance Review

Today is a good day. Not only did I get paid, but I had my performance review. My review was very favorable, but more importantly, I got a RAISE! And not just any ol' raise but a huge one!

Now I'm not going to try to explain the contract that our association has with UBC, and how people get salary increases, but I know that getting a 3% raise was already pretty good (by the way, I got more than that, but I won't say how much more as at least a couple of my colleagues read this blog); I certainly wasn't expecting to get that much. If you can decipher our salary grid and explain to me (yet again) how all this works, I still won't get it. The bottom line is that even if my manager wanted to give me gobs of money, he couldn't as it just doesn't work that way; he simply doesn't get the money from HR to do so.

In addition to the complex nature of the salaries, my manager and director couldn't even tell me what my new salary level would be because, they simply just don't know. The University and probably HR are still trying to figure out exactly how everything is suppose to work from the grievance settlement from last month, so our salary grid's suppose to shift, and I may get even more money. Maybe. It depends largely on where I sit on the scale, but on other thing too.

See, complicated.

My director did warn me that I may or may not (probably somewhat unlikely) see that sort of increase again, unless I move up the pay scale by getting a promotion or something similar. Again, the system doesn't work in favour of giving people large increases. But that's okay. It was already more than I had expected, so I'm okay with that.


Chellezilla said...

Congrats on the raise!!

Ms.Smarties said...


Aren't salary grid grand? I still don't know how much I make. Would it be too hard to have round numbers? Who can remember salaries like $71,251?

dinah34 said...