Sunday, January 21, 2007

Excess Weight and Joints

I don't know how I got on Nutrition House's spam list, but I though this article was pretty interesting. It's about how much more pressure we put on our joints by just increasing our body weight.

They also give good preventative measures to avoid joint disease such as arthritis. One thing that I want to point out to my readers is that these things start to degrade earlier in life that you would expect, but it's only later on in life that you notice any symptoms, so it's better to establish preventative measures now to decrease the probability of getting it later on in life.

Even though I'm still relatively young (mid-30s), and I exercise regularly and try to eat healthy, I am starting to feel my age. My thing this year is to try to correct my physical ailments, ie: my neck, shoulder and upper back pains, then my flat feet. Hopefully this will help slow the aging process down.

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