Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Apple iPhone(?)

Frankly, I'm not really overwhelmed by this thing. If you check out this comparison chart, there are other smart phones that are cheaper that does almost the same things. Apple is known for designing gadgets with good usability, but will this thing achieve the same levels of the (over-rated in my opinion) iPod? Will the screen scratch? Will you be able to see the screen in direct sunlight? And what about the lack of tactile feedback on a buttonless cell phone? Not every user likes this. Plus, I've read that in order to synchronize your music to your iPhone, you need to use iTunes. A lot of people have been turned off by the latest iTunes release, so Apple can't be doing everything right.

What I like about the phone:
  • It has Wi-Fi & Bluetooth capabilities
  • It does have a wider screen that will allow for better viewing (of whatever you're looking at)
  • It does make good use of screen real-estate by removing the buttons
What I'm not so hot on:
  • It still seems too big
  • It has no memory card slot (I betcha version 2.0 will have one!)
  • If you look past the eye candy, it really isn't that that different from other smart phones.
  • Relying solely on a touch screen, your biggest single point of failure is the screen itself. Once it's damaged, you need to replace the phone.
  • Other points of failure: you can't replace the battery (just like in an iPod) and I couldn't find any evidence that you could take the SIM card out and put it into another phone. (This phone is only designed for GSM networks as it uses EDGE technology).
I guess we will just have to wait and see...

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Anonymous said...

Maybe if it was Wii enabled.....