Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Getting a promotion

I found this article a little while ago. I'm wondering who out there is a supervisor/manager type could respond to this. Is what Frank says true?

How about those in the work force? Have you tried any of the suggestions before?

I know that the context is for an IT employee, but I feel that the general idea could be extended to most fields.

Any and all comments welcomed (just please be polite).


Lexy said...

Ha, I've tried a few. Never got me anywhere. I wasn't in IT though.

Raquel (Branwen) tagged me so I'm tagging you. If you want info, check out my blog. I know its kind of silly but I'm bored so I thought I would play


Hope you don't mind. :-)


Anonymous said...

The article is written by a manager who use to work for the KGB and is now trying to brainwash poor IT workers. You must be strong! Fight the force!

Foxy said...

I think a lot of these points are probably fairly good, but he takes it a little dramatically. But, again, I don't work in IT and am perfectly happy wearing jeans every day and showing up at 9:30.