Tuesday, January 02, 2007

KOOKY: The Co-op Student

I've inherited a co-op student for the next eight months. I've never worked with a co-op student before, but I think he'll work out splendidly.

He seems eager enough, and he was very polite. I think he thanked me about 10 times today (this is no exaggeration!) for helping him getting set up and apologized about the same of times for interrupting me. I told him that he'll stop thanking me once I really start piling on all the work that I can't get around to doing. HA!

Hmmm... maybe I can dupe him into buying hot chocolate for me every day, after all, we are paying him...

But seriously though, when I went to interview him last month, he knocked the socks off of me. He's smart, serious and mature for his age, and seems like a hard worker. I never was any of those at his age (except for the hard worker part =P). Here's hoping all will work out fabulously!!

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IT Plumber/Janitor said...

From my experience with co-op student, make sure they understand they are not in school any more (somewhat ironic, since they are working for a school), they are in the real world working for real people. Most of them don't seem to understand the not so textbook perfect environment outside of classroom.