Friday, August 25, 2006


Why do people put mayonnaise in hot dogs?

I just had a jalapeno smokie with mustard, ketchup, cheese and onions. They listed all these ingredients on the whiteboard. But they didn't include mayonnaise, yet someone had put it in. Bad on them.

My stomach is not in a happy place right now, and I feel like puking.

Happy Friday everyone!


The Teacher said...



I got nuthin'. Ick.

What about a classic Quebec hot dog? Mustard, onions, green relish and pickled cabbage? Minus the onions, it's surprisingly tasty...and apparently only children order ketchup on their hot dogs.

Hey, I just remembered. I had a hot dog for lunch today too! WITH my childish ketchup thankyouverymuch.

Irene said...

I don't mind the pickled cabbage (okay, maybe a little), but my stomach gets upset when I eat mayonaise, so I tend to avoid it all togehter. Blergh.

IT Plumber/Janitor said...

I missed the blueberry pie, stoopid sever move. Granville Island food court has the best hotdog/smokie place.

WriterWriter said...

They put it on there becuase it is completely delicious, actually, 'specially with a touch of hot sauce.


Mayo on chips is great too. If you've ever been to Europe, the UK in particular, you'll know about the chips.

If you ever go to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, go to Le Chien Chaud for great hotdogs. Best in the world.

Irene said...

Writer Writer, thank you for you comment. The main reason why I don't like mayonaise on anything is because my stomach gets really upset when I eat mayonaise.

Believe it or not, I'm not lactose intolerant (I drink milk, eat yogurt and ice cream no problem), but it's actually the high fat content that upsets the tummy.

I've stopped eating mayo on most things a while ago, so my taste buds just don't like it any more. Probably a good thing, I eat enough fatty foods as it is.

Irene said...

Oh, I've also tried mayonnaise with fries in Holland before. Blergh. I realize that's a staple with fries in Europe, but I'll stick to ketchup, thank you very much.

I will ask about the hotdog place the next time I'm in Calgary. I'm there often enough to visit the in-laws and Hubby's friends, so I'm certain one day I will go there. Thanks for the tip.