Tuesday, August 29, 2006

KOOKY: A day in

Well, it's not even 9 am when I got a bit of excitement at work.

First today is the 2nd day of orientation for the 1st year medical school students. As in years past, they are doing some sort of bonding within their pods by playing silly games. Today a saw a bunch of people running across the grassy knoll, grabbing a tennis racket, and spinning around with it, racket end on the ground, handle end on their foreheads. Yes, these will be our future doctors.

Anyways, walking past them, I went into the village where I saw some filming happening. I asked the guy in Starbucks what they were filming, and he said it was something with Halle Berry in it. Sure enough, after I walked out of the store, they started rolling.

So I saw Halle Berry walk across the street, and get into a Volvo FC90. She was in the car alone, so I suspect that the whole scene was her talking to someone on a mobile. But we'll see when Things We Lost in the Fire comes out next year (premise sounds boring).

I thought about taking a picture with my camera phone, but someone probably would have yanked it out of my hands. I don't do stealth very good.

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Robin said...

Sounds like those family
tragedy stuff movie critic will love but everyone else will say "Nah, wait for DVD". However, that Maggie Ma looks kinda cute. Good to see someone from the local Asian community getting onto the big screen.