Monday, August 28, 2006

Comment on Techology by Calvin

Don't you feel sometimes that technology has resulted in a "I want it NOW!" culture?

Calvin's dad certainly thinks so, and I believe that his thoughts certainly reflect End Users feelings.

Because people are so used to getting technology instantaneously, and at a fairly cheap price, people simply assume that if they ask IT for it, they'll get it tomorrow (sometimes sooner), at virtually no cost to them.

When in reality, what they are asking for will probably take months to plan, develop, test and deploy, and probably costs tens of thousands of dollars as well as thousands of man-hours to put it together.

And you know what the real kicker is? This is supposed to be completely seamless for the end-user. ie they will probably never see the blood, sweat, tears and countless of late nights (or cups of coffee consumed) to getting the project up and running.

See what Calvin's dad has to say....

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