Sunday, August 06, 2006


Photoshop users, do you want to use an imaging tool that's as good as Photoshop (or so I've been told)?

Try the GIMP.

What do I use imaging software for? Well, I use it for resizing an image, and cropping and image. That's it. I'm a photo imaging loser, I can't do anything else. In fact, my brain freezes up when I try doing anything more than that. Okay, maybe use the sepia function, but that's pushing it.

The beauty of the GIMP is that it's completely free. Here are some photos from the Calgary Stampede from a month ago that has been sitting on my hard drive because I didn't get a chance to transfer the images to my work laptop, which has Photoshop, so I can resize the images, but now they're resized now that I've just installed GIMP on my desktop....

Free Pancake breakfast!

Me at the Indian Village

Hungry porkers!

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