Monday, August 07, 2006

KOOKY: Prostates

The following is an actual conversation that took place between DC, IT Plumber/Janitor and myself. IT Plumber/Janitor had posted this on his blog, but frankly, it's a really boring retelling, and the humour of the moment was lost. I am here to rectify this (please note this is a gross paraphrase of the actual conversation, we were too busy laughing)


I've always thought that only men had prostates. Last Thursday, IT Plumber/Janitor dissuaded me of such a notion....

IT P/J: You know, even thought we work for the Faculty of Medicine, you'd think that discussions of bodily parts would come up more often. I learn about lots of things while talking with some researcher in the hallway of the Prostate Centre.

Weed: [Nagging about how men should be going to see their doctor now to perform annual checkups because the things that causes the risk and diseases that men develop later in life, can actually start in their late 20s, so it's a good idea to start measuring a baseline of health while he is still healthy. After all, you're IT guys, you too would be frustrated if you didn't know what state the system was in before, and would be frustrated with trying to catch problems early too, but the end users wouldn't tell you that's there's something wrong, correct? Nag, nag, nag]

IT P/J: The thought of working with a roomful of guys with smelly fingers, leave that job to the doctors.

Weed: Well, it's a good thing women don't have prostates for a doctor to check.

IT P/J: Actually, I was told by a doctor that there is a cluster of tissue (in the female) that has very similar cells structure as male prostate. It is commonly known as G-spot. I guess that also explains why some guys get off on getting their prostate massaged during "certain situation".

DC: [Doubles over in laughter] You just confirmed what I already knew.

[Hilarity ensues]

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