Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pink is the new black?

Okay, I realise that all the examples in this post is from the same site, and the author of the site happens to like pink. I can live with that, after all, it's her opinion and her site. However, I don't like this trend of marketing pink things for the female market.

Marketing gurus out there: I love techie toys. However, I HATE PINK!!

Please do not insult my sensibilities by assuming your target consumer (ie, me) likes, or even want to buy something that's pink. The moment I see something pink, it turns me off from buying your product. Period.

Pink PSP
Pink DS Lite
Another pink RAZR
Pink Hello Kitty mobile
Pink headset (with diamonds no less!)
Pink Vertu
Pink Samsung E800 mobile
Pink Sanyo 3100
Pink Nokia N72 (My respect for Nokia has momentarily gone down the tubes when I saw this)
Pink PS2 Gaming Console


Gwynabella said...

*GASP* I KNOW! Who in their right mind would own some sort of tech device that is PINK?!
Oh, wait.

In my defence I didn't pick it. And now it's grown on me...what does THAT mean?

IT Plumber/Janitor said...

This would be targeted at the same group of women (or their daughters) who bought the colourful Mac from about 6 years ago.