Friday, May 12, 2006

Big Brother is watching you

After about two months of waiting, I finally got an invitation to use the Google Analytics service. I will get to see, for example, where my visitors are from and how many people are viewing my blog each day.

Now I realize that this tool has waaaayyy more functionality than I require, but it gives me the information that I'm looking for via some snazzy-looking reports, plus it's free.

The Googlebots have been doing a very good job indexing my site. I was surprised the other day when one of the owners of Vera's Burger Shack commented on my blog posting. Actually, he commented on hubby's comment.

Curious to see how he managed to find the posting so quickly, I Googled in "Vera's Burger Shack comments" (minus the quotes of course) and lo and behold, my blog post was on the first page.

Even though it may only seem that a select number of people read my blog, I know logically that the entire Internet land has access to my blog, and if they look hard enough they will eventually find it. It was weird to see that someone that I didn't know, not only find my blog post, but comment on it as well. So, it should be interesting to see where my actual audience is and how they got here. Only time will tell...

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