Friday, May 19, 2006

KOOKY: Life and Death

What are two things that person have in common? We were all born into this world, and we will all leave this world through death.

You with think that being in IT, I would not get a chance to talk about these topics often, despite the fact that I work in the Faculty of Medicine. Well, you're wrong.


Right next door to our office is the Midwifery department and classrooms. Now before I proceed, I have nothing against midwives in general; in fact, I'll probably look into booking one when my time comes to pop the ankle-biter.

The classroom has about two or three of these birthing simulators. The door to the classroom is usually opened, with these truncated simulators just lying around for all to see. Namely myself and my other four male co-workers.

It's weird seeing a lower torso of a female body, with her amputated legs spread eagle. The female models, although at a glance you know is not real, is disturbing enough. But what makes it really freaky is the baby that's partly out of the vagina. Lying on the table. Coming out of a torso with no legs, upper body or head. Pretty creepy. Reminds me a lot of CSI.

And if I find this disturbing, just think about what my male co-workers must go through! But I suppose the apprentice midwives must learn on something.


During our operations meeting today, one of my fellow colleagues spoke of a database that they use in their department to track body donations. He went on and on about the process of body donation, something that I didn't even know there was even a process for. That's right, once you die, you can donate your body to science, to help the researchers find cures and to hopefully save mankind. It's the gift that keeps on giving. You'd be surprised how many calls our receptionist get regarding this.


I am by no means mocking either the midwives or the researchers, nor am I putting down those who choose to donate their body for scientific purposes. What they are doing is honourable. I am merely surprised that the entrance and exit of a human person was juxtaposed so uniquely in my day, so I had to share.

Ah, higher learning, you gotta love it.

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