Thursday, May 25, 2006

This 'n that

(Sorry, this has turned out to be one long rant, something I don't normally do. IT Plumber/Janitor, you might as well skip this post as I'll rant to you later anyways).

Today I had a very overwhelming day. I'm stressed because of school, I'm stressed because of work, and I'm stressed because I'm looking for a place to stay for our London/Scotland trip.

First, work: I have a deadline coming up next week, and things were not looking good for a while. I was banging my head against a brick wall for almost two weeks. The thing about IT is that things either work or they don't work. If they don't work, it can take weeks, or even months to fix the problem. I don't have weeks, I have several days. And I stayed late at work, instead of going to the gym, to make sure this piece was finally working. It was, thanks to the help of my co-worker "D" who is absolutely brilliant.

Anyways, my deadline is still looming, and what I still have to do keeps piling up as I took so long dealing with this other problem. I feel a bit better, but it ain't over yet. (I also had to go to the mall to get some baked goods as tomorrow is my turn for cookies at the weekly meeting).

Second, school project: I will sit down and actually write a detailed post of what's been going on with my school, as I've been giving very vague answers to everyone. School is complicated, and it's stressful. I have deadlines every two months, but believe me, I prefer that to the state it was in before. Like I said, wait for that post for more details.

Third, vacation planning: It seems that a lot of places ask for either a deposit or full payment up front, so you have to do your homework and you have act FAST! I managed to find a really sweet deal in Mayfair of all places (a really swanky part of London where a lot of famous people live). However they want full payment, not a problem. Except they want it done through Western Union.

As of today, I hate Western Union. They make it so bloody difficult to send money to someone. I spent close to an hour on the phone being sent around in a circle with an automated voice. Someone definitely hasn't tested all the paths on their system to see that they actually offer the service that they bloody advertise. And they are charging an exorbitant amount of money for the transfer! Highway robbery, that's all I can say. Well, hubby is suppose to wire the money tomorrow. Cross fingers that we get the money there in time so I can confirm the booking.

This leads to my final gripe. I haven't gone to the gym at all since last Friday. I normally go 4-5 times a week. I need to exercise to help alleviate my stress levels (my stress got really bad a couple of years ago, and I've done some damage, so I try to be careful as to how much stress I can handle nowadays), and to help me sleep.

I tend to need about 9 hours of sleep. I'm lucky if I get 7. They say that for every hour of sleep you lose, it takes 4 hours of sleep to make up for it. So if I lose 2 hours of sleep every day, 2 * 7 * 4 = A whole whackload of sleep that I need to make up during the day. Bah.

I've been progressively been getting more stressed out and more tired because I'm having trouble sleeping. It's the chicken and egg scenario.

My day typically goes like this:
6.30 AM - get up and get ready for work
8.00 - 4 .00 - work
5 -ish - gym time
between 6-7 - eat dinner
7.00 - 9.00 - do EVIL homework
9.00 - 10.00 - wash dishes and try to do devotions
10.00 - 10.30 - stretch and allow my body to wind down
10.30 - 11.00 - go to bed

This has not been happening lately. I've also been eating a lot of crap, and thus gaining back the 5 or so pounds that I've been in vain trying to lose. Bah.

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Gwynabella said...

Oh my. That's no good. I don't know you well (save the common link of Dave and the blogity blog) but I give you a big hug and a warm cup of chai,((Hug)) and some destress vibes.