Thursday, May 25, 2006


I LOVE this show! Last night's season finale was awesome! Here are my thoughts:
  • I'm not entirely convinced that Desmond brought down the plane. Don't forget that the plane had been flying off course for 2 hours already, something else was causing that. The fact that Desmond saw the System Failure had occurred about the same time as the plane crash is speculation on his part, IMO.
  • I don't think Eko, Locke and Desmond are dead. The Others I think know exactly what had happened, they didn't even seemed fazed that it happened.
  • I think we'll see Michael and Walt again. Michael has a lot to do to redeem himself, although I'm curious about the looked that passed between him and Jack. He was annoying me big time though.
  • Charlie was acting weird, really weird
  • My question: Okay, if you don't press the button, all hell breaks loose. What would have happened if Desmond didn't turn the key? I'm still not convinced that the key does anything. They've only left us with the impression that the key does something.

So many questions! I don't think anything was answered, only implied. And of course what would Lost be without more questions?

I've also discovered this site to get my Lost fix.

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