Wednesday, April 19, 2006

KOOKY: Vera's Burger Shack

So I decided to go get a burger for lunch today. I went to Vera’s Burger Shack. As you can see on their website, they’ve been voted as Vancouver’s best burger. I had the BBQ burger. Here are my comments.

Provolone: I was having a brain fart today because I thought that provolone was some type of bacon. It’s cheese. Never mind that calcium in general inhibits iron absorption, but baked or melted cheese tends to upset my stomach. So the burger’s now sitting in my stomach, feeling like a rock. Or maybe it’s the grease. Nevertheless, my tummy is unhappy, and that just takes away from the whole eating experience.

Price: it’s a good burger, but very pricy. For the amount of nutritional value that I’m getting from the burger, onion rings and Coke, I might as well gone to McDonalds. Okay, their burgers are not as good, but they are half the price.

Hubby refuses to go back there, after the couple of times he was served by “male airheads” (I believe those were his words.) I'm not certain if I want to go back there myself. The food expereience was okay at best, and the service tends to be very slow. Bah.

The upshot is that they gave me some free packets of ketchup for my condiment stash. This is a big commodity in around these parts as the hospital cafeteria only allows you 2 small packets of ketchup with your meal, any more you have to pay. Hey, 2 small packets of ketchup doesn't stretch very far.


hubby said...

Actually, the third strike for me was after waiting 20 minutes, I asked one of the male bimbos if my order was ready, as I had been waiting for a while. (The bag was apparently just sitting there, but nobody called my name). Einstein asked me if I had paid for it yet. Even that I could live with.

The final straw was When I got back to the office to find my burger still BLOODY RARE!!

Vera's has the best burgers in Vancouver? Maybe if you like e-coli as a condiment.

No burger is healthy, but if I decide to indulge myself, I'll stick with Harvey's, thank you very much.

DC said...

Don't have an issue with Vera's but the mention of Harvey's just made me hungry again (and since I just came back from Vera's I guess that says something).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments I will certainly speak to my staff regarding the time and their service. ALthough I'm certain that you probably spoke to the manager on duty.

With regards to your comment about e-coli, we do not take that lightly and ensure that our burgers are cooked to 160 degrees internally, thus killing the bacteria.

As for price mcdonalds is less expensive for a reason.

again thanks for the comments

gerald tritt
owner vera's burger shack

IT Plumber/Janitor said...

Should we be waiting for a few customer service recovery coupon in the mail then? 8P