Sunday, April 02, 2006

"We are Borg"

Last night, my friends and I had yet another Star Trek Marathon. This time, they asked for a Borg-theme evening.

Here's what we watched, all from the Voyager series:
- Scorpion Part I & II (Seasons 3/4)
- The Gift (Season 4)
- Fury (Season 6)
- Unimatrix Zero Part I & II (Seasons 6/7)

Okay, there were a couple of Kes-centric episode. I was watching with a few Voyager-uninitiated, so they were curious about her.

Things that I've re-discovered yesterday:
- Voyager is still my favourite Star Trek series;
- Kes still annoys me greatly;
- The Borg have the same excuse for everything (eg "Why do you do XXX?" "We are Borg." "Why do you think individuality is such a bad thing?" "We are Borg." Okay, these guys are just not great conversationalist, but we still found it frickin' hilarious!);
- Captain Janeway has big hairy balls. Well, she certainly has more gumption in her than in five men combined;
- The Borg Queen rocks;
- Species 8472 are still cool.

All in all, a fun evening. Next time, the guys want a 7 of 9 theme. Le Sigh.


IT Plumber/Janitor said...
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IT Plumber/Janitor said...

"Why does 7 of 9 need to wear high heels?"
"We are Borg, She is Borg."
"Hum. Okay."
"Resistance to high heel is futile."
"Hum. Sure."