Wednesday, April 12, 2006

KOOKY: And you think you have it tough...

The one thing that very few people who have never worked in IT don’t understand is that those people who work in IT are the end of the line. If there is a problem with your computer, you go to an IT Guy to get it fixed. If IT Guy has a problem he can't figure out, he essentially has no one to turn to for answers. Not one person.

Well, that’s not completely true. If there are others that IT Guy works with, then he can benefit from another co-worker’s experience (assuming they’ve had experience with it). And there is always the internet. However, as handy as the other IT Guy and the internet is, neither is perfect. It may be that IT Guy will need to figure out the answer yourself. There will be times when IT Guy will be staring at a Black Hole, and yes, sometimes it may staring at the Black Hole for months, nary a solution in sight. All the while he needs to make certain that everything else is running smoothly.

So please have some pity and understanding for the IT Guy. Yes he knows that you are without a computer, and yes, he knows that you are not able to work without a computer. IT Guy also has about 1,453 different other problems that he needs to deal with at the same time, all deemed high priority by some higher power, and probably have just as many people breathing down his neck, demading that he get their thing done. Now. Unfortunately, your high priority item is number 267 on his list of things to do. That plus he needs to to his regular job.

Now why the rant? I’ve just right now had to stare the said Black Hole. I just had a huge heart attack, mostly because I didn't have a clue as to how to fix it. But I managed to fix it thanks to the a frantic search on the internet. Thank goodness my Black Hole moment only lasted for a couple of days. Hopefully no one noticed.


IT Plumber/Janitor said...

I agree with you that neither the other IT guy and the Internet is perfect. But put the both together, they are perfect. The Internet provides the daily dose of free pr0n, quick googling for solutions, the other IT Guy fixes computers, all things electronic, cooks (occasionally), showers (more then once a week).

IT Plumber/Janitor said...

this is my version to this posting.