Saturday, March 04, 2006

Positive Thinking

I was in a bad mood this week. But I have tried to put it into perspective by thinking positively.

For instance:

1. I am not mad at my RMT for being fully booked and then taking off on vacation for three weeks. After all she only works part-time, and of course she would be fully booked just before she goes on vacation. And I shouldn't have ignored the burning pain that my neck, shoulders and upper back has been experiencing for the past month. Nor should I have ignored the fact that my neck started popping three times in a row whenever I turned my head a certain way. I did book an appointment with my esthetician for a massage, so my agony will temporarily end tomorrow at 4pm. I won't be able to claim this massage under my benefits, but hey, good masseuses are hard to find. Plus, I get to hear all her online dating stories. It doesn't get much better than that.

2. I am not upset at Chapters for sending me a corrupt DVD of Pride and Prejudice (the Keira Knightly version), whereby it started skipping at an interesting part (at the first proposal scene) and (after testing it on three different players), forcing me to have to return it and order a new one. I've only been waiting for months for it to come out, so I can over analyze once again what I don't like about it and hear Joe Wright's excuses, er, justifications for some of his (in my opinion) really poor creative decisions with one of my favourite books. So, instead of wasting four-plus hours of my time (once to watch the movie, and another time to listen to the commentary while the movie is playing), I managed to clean the house (with the help of my awesome hubby), do some laundry, and get about five hours of productive homework time in. (Okay, the movie wasn't that bad, but I still have plenty to rant about, once I get my replacement DVD, whenever that is. Stay tuned...)

3. I have made a resolution to stop calling my project "Evil Homework". I've been feeling a lot of frustration since before my project started, partly at BCIT, partly towards my client, and now, partly towards my code. So instead of getting into a big knot about it and exacerbating my stress problems even more (see point #1), I've decided to start taking steps towards thinking about the whole school thing in a more positive light. So far this has helped me find a bug that has been eluding me for a few days, and actually go forward with my code. This also made me realize how far behind I still am. And of course, exacerbated point #1 again.

4. I got to see some of my Hitched buddies again today. I'm non-committal as I have no opinion about this. Ha. (Sorry, in-joke). Really, it was great seeing some of my Hitched buddies again, and meeting ariesgal (Sarah). And even though we had to switched restaurants (somebody slap me the next time I suggest Cactus Club), wait another 20 mins to get seated, then waited another 45 mins to get the food, we had a great time.

See, positive thinking does work.

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