Wednesday, March 29, 2006

KOOKY: Food Fare

What can I say, I love macaroni and cheese.

About every three weeks or so, the hospital cafeteria puts mac & cheese on their menu. And with glee, I tell all my co-workers that it's mac & cheese day. They smile, nod, and continue politely on with what they are doing.

It's gotten to the point where it's become a running joke with my co-workers. If you look at the picture, the mac & cheese is served with corn (and peas and carrots, but let's ignore those for a while). My co-worker "C" started calling it "Yellow Lunch", because, well, it's mostly yellow.

So now when I see on the hospital cafeteria menu that they are serving mac & cheese for lunch, I tell all my co-workers that its Yellow Lunch day. My co-workers smile, nod and continue working, oblivious to my joy.

(Boy, I tell ya, working with a bunch of male computer geeks is sometimes really, really dull).

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Ms.Smarties said...

Mac and cheese is yummy, but what's with the veggies, yuke!