Thursday, March 30, 2006

Pain free! (-ish)

I've been having upper-back, shoulder and neck pains for the better part of two years. It got to the point where I was ready to cry, it was so painful; but each time, I would suck it up and continue onwards. My neck would crack three times in succession if I turned it a certain way. It was so loud that once my sister-in-law heard it, and we were in a super noisy restaurant, one where you had to shout to be heard. Not only did I have knots in my neck and shoulder, but I had knots down my shoulder blades and down my spine. No amount of massage therapy helped.

So someone had finally made the brilliant suggestion of going to see a chiropractor. I didn't think that having my spine out of alignment would make a big difference, but apparently it did; after all, it was my muscles giving me grief. So I had my spine adjusted a few times. I diligently did my stretches. More importantly, I lowered my keyboard at work by a good 6-7 inches.

After a week, I could already feel the difference: my flexibility increased, and my pain decreased. No longer was I going to sleep in pain, and waking up in pain. Pain is now a fairweather friend instead of a constant companion. No longer did I feel I had to distract myself from crying because it was so painful. I have been liberated!

I'm not 100% pain free, but it's now a manageable level. As long as I keep sitting in front of a computer for a good part of my day, I will always have some muscle tightness (according to my chiropractor anyways).

But now that my problems are at a manageable level, I'm absolutely flabbergasted as to how much pain I was enduring for over two year! Yikes!

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