Wednesday, March 08, 2006

KOOKY: Nature calls

This post is dedicated to my good friend L and her hubby T, whom I found out tonight that they are avid readers of FLIB-ur-tee-jib-it (n.) =D

When I was in second year of university, the university's support staff (the janitors and the like) went on strike for about 2-3 weeks. That meant that you had to get creative and look for the less frequently used washrooms, as no one was cleaning them, and the toilet paper quickly disappeared. I think I snuck into the guys washroom a couple of times. Those were fun times. Today certainly brought back some fond memories.

In the building I work in, there are students. Lots of them. Normally I don't notice them as I'm generally stuck in my windowless dungeon (aka basement).

Today I noticed.

You see, in the dungeon, there are 1.5 washroom for me to use. The 0.5 is a handicap washroom, and will play a small part in my narrative.

Yes, nature calls, as it does for every living being on this planet, and it was no different for me. Only something's got in my way: students.

I'd managed to catch either a break or end of class because the washrooms are usually not busy unless a lot of students need to use them. So instead of queuing up, I headed for the 0.5 bathroom, on the other side of the dungeon. I see another student in front me, headed towards the same direction.


He goes into the 0.5 washroom. Bah.

Next option: the women's washroom on the Ground floor.

Remember now, there are still students abound. Lots of them.

Yup, the ground floor washroom is pretty full too. There were a few empty stalls, but students are notoriously messy, so I rejected those.

Next option: the women's washroom two floors up.

Now for anyone who has ever been in my building and had to move around to the different levels in the building, knows about the very slow elevator, so most of the time people take the stairs. I am forced to take the stairs. Anyone who has taken the stairs know that it's a bit of an exercise. Even if you are fit, after going up several flights of stairs, you're winded. It's just one of those mysteries of life.

After a winded climb up a few flights of stairs, I finally find an empty (and fairly clean) washroom where I can do my business.

This got me thinking. In my building, there are six lecture halls, about 15 classrooms, a very large library, lots of offices and conference rooms, and places for people to sit and lounge. At full capacity, you're looking at about 500+ people. And not enough toilets for the masses. Woefully under-resourced in that area.

The one comfort that I have is that even the Dean of Medicine (the guy in the photo at the top), as important as he is, does not have his own personal washroom, and he therefore must go through the same agony that I go through. He's the head of the whole Faculty, the grand poo-bah, a renown surgeon (so don't piss this guy off, you may need his services one day). He has his own parking space, but not his own bathroom. He has to share with the students. He's human, and nature calls to him as well.

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