Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Since trying to take control of my diet, I've so far given up pop and anything with artificial sweetener. I'm not trying to lose weight (well, I am a little), but I'm trying to make wiser food choices.

Next thing to go: chocolate.

In particular, chocolate bars. I'm not going to avoid them completely, that would be foolish; I'm just trying not to make them my first (or second or third) choice.

What's making this quite difficult is that 1) I tend to have a sweet tooth (especially when I'm PMS-ing and/or stressed out, I really crave sugar) and, 2) I love chocolate.

If you talk to my coworkers, they will tell you that I am a chocolate fiend. That's not true. Only when I'm PMS-ing and/or stressed out do I crave the stuff. The rest of the time, I can do without it. Mostly.

The problem is that I've been finding that since trying to cut out certain foods, I've been still making not-so-wise food choices. Since I can't have pop, I go for candy, that sort of stuff. Here's hoping that I will try to find something that will adequately (and is healthy) substitute for chocolate, because when I get cravings, I get them bad!

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