Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Genetics are out to get me!

I have a genetic blood condition called Thalassemia. According to my doctor and from several sources that I've read, I shouldn't be taking iron supplements, so I must get my iron from food.

After almost keeling over from sleepiness today, I've tried to figure out why I was so tired. I exercised my butt off yesterday, so that wasn't it. I got plenty of sleep, so that was it. I'm not terribly stressed out right now. That left diet.

While I do eat enough, I don't think I'm getting enough iron in my diet. So now to search for food stuffs for me to eat.

I know that beef is one food stuff that is very high in iron and the iron from beef is very easily absorbed by the body, more so than most other foods. Hubby on the other hand (and here comes more genetic fun!) is susceptible to gout as a couple of his family members have it. And beef is known to aggravate gout symptoms. Needless to say, we have very interesting problems in our household. I want more beef, he wants less. Ha!

To complicate matters, I was also born with a weak-ish digestive system, so I have to watch what I eat or tummy will be unhappy. This, I'm also noticing, is probably genetic as well, as my mom and my uncle have weak digestive systems. Oh, and I got my Thalassemia from dear old mom. Thanks mom!

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