Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I got this postcard at my gym the other day. Fitness Industry Canada is trying to get the Feds to give the people who actually pay money to go to the gym a tax break. I of course filled out my name on the petition.

However, does having a gym membership necessarily mean that you're getting healthy? How many of us let our gym membership run month after month without setting foot in the gym?

One of the step instructors at my gym is this nice, soft-spoken Japanese lady. She's soft-spoken, unless she's teaching class. Then she belt's out the encouragement. "Come on! Higher! Faster!"

One thing that she said this past Saturday at my step class that I didn't agree with was this: "In order to lose the belly, you must do suck in the belly all the time. This builds up the muscles in your core and flattens your stomach." This woman has two kids, and she's lost all her pregnancy weight, and then some. She's as skinny as a stick.

Like I said, I don't agree with this, not 100% anyways. She's also one of these people who can go on exercising for several hours (She teaches 3-5 classes each day she teaches, which is about 4 times a week, so that's about 12-20 hours of exercise). I'll be lucky if I get 3-5 hours at the gym a week. She probably loses calories faster than she can eat them. She seems to be the type that has really high metabolism. So the combination of less eating, insane amounts of exercise and a high metabolism, she's become all muscle and no fat.

If I only had that much energy and time.

Anyways, check out the petition: YouDeserveATaxBreak.ca

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