Thursday, October 05, 2006

Production Testing

I don't know why people want to still do production testing with test servers, data and software. We know that the test works, now you need to see if the software actually works in production.

I'm writing some code at work that's suppose to interface with another piece of software. We tested everything, and it was fine. Now they want to test the code that I wrote in production. I'm okay with that.

What confounds me is that they wanted to test my production installation against their test environment. No, don't assume that you're production code is perfect. No code is perfect. It could be that there is something in production that is off-enough to cause a bug, but you didn't get that in test.


(Sorry for the non-techies that don't understand this, but I had to get this off my chest. Something that is relatively simple, and shouldn't have taken up a lot of time is made more complicated and drawn-out by jackassery, and a lack of communication. Bah.)

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