Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Jane Eyre (Part 2) - Meet Jane

This is Ruth Wilson. She plays Jane Eyre in the new BBC adaptation. I have to say that she was AWESOME as Jane! Really!

The one thing about her acting that I love is how she shows emotion. Her face is very expressive and she can do subtle very well. Even when her facial expression seems to be bland, you can tell that something's just brewing below the surface. That takes talent.

I've never realized before how emotional and passionate a person Jane Eyre was until I saw this adaptation. A previous adaptation that I've seen long ago with Timothy Dalton had Jane act really dull and lifeless. This of course coloured my characterization, in my mind, of Jane as a dull, lifeless person. If you don't believe me, watch this YouTube clip.

But Jane Eyre is anything but. Ruth Wilson really made Jane Eyre's character come alive. While re-reading the novel, I suddenly pictured her as Jane, and I could see that she really was an interesting person.

So Ruth Wilson, thank you so much for showing me Jane's true character, and show me who Mr. Rochester fell in love with! (Really, I've always wondered what he saw in her!)

Another kudos for Ruth. If you check out her IMDB page, you will note that she's has virtually nothing on her CV. This is because this girl pretty much came out of acting school last year. I'm definitely looking forward to watching her in the future. She's made a fan of me.

Still more coming...

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