Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Jane Eyre (Part 1) - some spoilers

Once in a while, I get very obsessive about a certain thing. My poor husband has to put up with my obsessions, usually by ignoring me (but pretending to listen/care). Well, if you can guess from my last post, Jane Eyre is my new obsession.

So the BBC just aired a new adaptation of Jane Eyre. I have to say I quite liked it. I had to first watch it bent over my laptop (very uncomfortable), as it won't be airing in North America until January 2007 on Masterpiece Theatre. Thus, I entered the world of illegal downloads (something I've never done before), mainly because I did manage to watch the first episode when it aired in the UK, and got sucked in. (You lawyer type out there, I will be buying the DVD, so leave me alone!)

Before I go on, I must warn those of you who love the book and who intend on watching this latest adaptation that this version has been modernized a fair bit. And I don't mean so much of the language as some scenes/passages were either removed, rearranged or redone, all for the 21st century audience. There were a lot of complaints that there was a fair bit of the novel missing, or not redone to their liking. This group I would label more as "purists" to the novel itself. I won't go into too much detail as I don't want to spoil your viewing pleasure should you choose to watch.

However, I recall having the exact reaction the first time I saw Pride and Prejudice (the one with Keira Knightley). This too was modernized somewhat and I forced myself to throw away all my preconceptions and to watch it a second time in the theatre. I have to say I enjoyed it better the second time around and it did work well, but it still should have been longer than 2.5 hours.

So after seeing Jane Eyre at least twice over (and some of the episodes more than twice), I have to say, give it a chance, it does grow on you.

So here's my opinions/weird thoughts thus far...
- The mad lady wasn't mad looking enough
- Yes, the ending was cheesy, but it fit in the the screenplay writer's vision of Jane Eyre
- The kissing scenes fit in well, but I feel this is where most of the purists will complain (once you see it you will understand).
- No, my favourite quote isn't in there, it got replaced with something just as good =D

Favourite line by a minor character:
Adele: Mrs. Fairfax, Mr. Rochester says that all the ladies will find me disgusting!
Mrs. F: That's nice dear.

Favourite non-verbal scene:
Lady Ingram giving Jane the iciest stare in the world. Even I could feel the chill! (Sorry, I couldn't find a decent pic of this, but Francesca Annis was absolutely perfect for Lady I!)

More to come...

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