Saturday, October 21, 2006

IE 7

I haven't been posting for a while simply because my life's been very dull. I have some posts coming up, but they're long for me to type up, so you must be patient.

Anyways, IE 7 was finally released on Thursday, and yesterday, I downloaded it to my work laptop.

My reaction: meh.

What I noticed right off the bat was the font on some of the sites that I frequented changed, and not necessarily for the better. That annoyed me, and hints that the browser may still not be treating the CSS as it should be.

Tabs: big deal. Firefox and Safari have had them for a long time already. Actually, tabbed-browsing started with Opera, and I used Opera for a while because it didn't have the same sort of usabilty problems as IE. However, Opera crashed a lot, hence my switch to Firefox.

Security: from my perusal of the menu items, it seems to be better, but I'm playing a wait and see game. Someone had already passed around an email stating that a vulnerability had been found with Outlook Express. Sweet.

The only thing that impressed me about it (and I really wished that Firefox has), is that when you go to close the browser windown, it asks you if you want the tabs that are currently open, if you want them to be reopened again when you start up the browser. Some may not see this as a very handy feature, but I'm normally in the habit of closing my browser windows at the end of the day.

I hate to say this, all browsers so far, leak memory, and/or are memory hogs, and my poor, underpowered desktop normally can't take the abuse. Plus it saves me from having to re-boot too often. Plus, I normally have about 5-10 windows opened at any one time, so having them re-open again without having to bookmark all the time is a godsend.

Final verdict: we'll wait and see, but so far, not very impressed...

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