Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

I figured since it's Halloween, I thought I'd talk about ghost and death.

One of the most well known ghosts is the Lady in Red that haunts Fairmont Vancouver Hotel. It has been said that she haunts the 14th floor (which is really the 13th floor) of the hotel, and has known to approach people in the dining room, demanding her seat back at the table where the patron is sitting in.

Ghosts have been sighted at the older movie theatres around Vancouver. (Sorry, the link won't work, just copy and paste into a new browser window. http://www.where.ca/vancouver/article_feature~listing_id~119.htm)

This link lists a few haunted places around the Lower Mainland. James Cowan Theatre and Ceperley House are about a 5 minute walk from each other, and about a 5 minute drive from my house. I've known about these ghosts forever as I've lived in this area most of my life. Ceperley House is now an art gallery. I remember going there as a child and I was consciously aware of the building was haunted, but never seen the ghost. Still I was scared. What can I say, I'm chicken shite (still am!).

Errol Flynn actually died in Vancouver. What he died from was pretty gross in itself.

One of the most famous murders in Vancouver history, the death of Scottish nanny, Janet Smith. It is rumoured that she haunts Hycroft Manor, along with some other ghosts.

Another well-known murder, which involved the well known Bow Mac sign on Broadway. (Janet Smith's murder is further down on the page).

This morning, one of the radio morning shows that I listen to on my way to work was broadcasting live from Balthazar. Where Balthazar stands now used to be a brothel back in the 1920s. Apparently the owner, a Madam Maxine, was murdered in the basement, and even today, many of the staff, especially those who have been there a long while, have had encounters with her. Fun stuff.

Man, I'm going to give myself nightmares tonight. I told you I was chicken shite.

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