Monday, January 23, 2006

It's official, I hate coffee

This morning, to fortify myself for a day of really boring policy writing, I had gone to my usual Starbucks shop for a hot chocolate. Well, I paid for the hot chocolate, picked it up from Barista, and went on my merry way.

I had taken a sip of my hot chocolate when I was walking back to my office, and instead got a mouthful of coffee! My first though was how utterly vile the taste of coffee was. I thought that maybe the Barista didn't clean off the machine as well as he was normally supposed to, so took another sip to see if the taste would go away.

No, more vile coffee taste. I had to try one more time to be certain. Yes, the vile coffee taste was still there.

By this time, I felt very green and was seriously ready to puke. I went back to the store and complained to the Barista. Not only did he apologized, but he whipped me up a brand new Grande hot chocolate (I usually order Tall), and he gave me a free coupon for a free drink.

Now I am in no way angry at said Barista. After all, he admitted to the mistake, corrected it and apologized, and I left satisfied. He's human, and humans make mistakes all the time. No big deal.

However, I hate coffee. I hate everything about coffee. I hate the smell, it gives me a big headache. And now I know (because I've actually never drunk coffee before), I detest the taste. Vile actually doesn't even begin to describe how I felt drinking the thing. Bleh. Not a great start to a very boring day.

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