Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy First Birthday Baby Blues!

Actually, they're Baby Browns.

And the first year date was actually December 9, 2005.

I went to get my eyes checked out today, and the optometrist has declared them just slightly better than 20/20! Whoo!

On December 9, 2004, I walked into a laser eye surgery clinic to get my vision corrected. The best $$$ I've spent, in my opinion. I actually didn't get nervous until I was actually lying down and the surgery had already started. But after several painful days, months of out-of-focus vision, I have been declared to have 20/20 vision. Yay!

I've worn corrective lenses since I was 7. Between the ages of 7-14, I wore glasses, which I hated every minute of the day. My ears are very crooked (meaning that they don't line up properly), and I have a weird shaped head. This resulted in glasses not sitting properly on my head, and causing me all sorts of grief. No amount of adjustment would alleviate my misery.

Then from 14-31, I wore contacts. While this was the preferred instrument of torture, I still hated having to take out and clean my contacts every night. And just before I decided to get the surgery done, I had started noticing that my eyes were beginning to have problems with the contacts.

This put me into a panic. Seeing that my sister had gotten her eyes lasered a couple of years ago, I decided to look into the procedure a bit. I ended up going to the same place as she did, and my former work benefits had paid for over half of it, so I took the plunge.

I must say, this news today has made my day as I started out not getting enough sleep (after 10 days off), and as I was getting out of bed, slipping and hitting my head against a shelf and landing on my arm. Having managed to drive to work partially in pain and partially concussed, I continued have a very dull and boring day. Until now.


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