Thursday, May 03, 2007

KOOKY: Sardines

Yes, they are packing us in like sardines. In my room, we currently have 3 people (okay, 4, but one guy's away on a family emergency). Tomorrow they are adding three more desks into the room, and at least two new people will now be living with us. That's a total of six, but they plan to squeeze 8 people in all together. I've already asked if we could get portable dividers for the room, not so much for privacy, but to absorb the increase in noise in the room.

I will not get any privacy whatsoever. There will be one person facing me directly, and another person directly to my left. I really don't know how long this will last. There are a couple of rooms across the hallway that is empty 99% of the time, but apparently, someone has claim over them, even though they weren't suppose to in the first place. And because these people belong to a different unit, we can't share.

Office space is always at a premium for us at the university. Because of the intense decentralization, if something isn't your, you can't share. Yup, what's mine is mine and what isn't mine, isn't mine. Even though we both belong to the same organization. Craziness. Tomorrow should be interesting...

However, if you think my situation is bad, it's not as bad as some other people's situations. Oh the stories I can tell about that alone. Sigh.

(I also have some awesome news, but I need to wait another day before I can let the whole world know about it. Stay tuned...)

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Anonymous said...

Stuffing more than 1 person in an office is a whack-job! They really need to make the CEO and all upper managers share their spacious offices so they know EXACTLY what it feels like.

By the way, we already heard the great news! Congrats!!!!