Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

So trying to be the good daughter, I asked my mom where she wanted to go for mother's day. My mom suggested that we call up my grandmother and ask if she wanted to go as well. Good idea, after all, Grandma is a mom too.

Well, I left it up to my mom to figure out where to go, since she knows better than I do what my grandmother likes to eat, and more importantly, what she can eat. Grandma is 94 years old, and I think all but one of her teeth are fake. Plus her digestive system ain't what it used to be. And realistically, I haven't a clue where the good Chinese restaurants are.

I was already prepared yet again for Cantonese food. Now don't get me wrong, I wanted to appreciate my mom and my grandmother, but please, Cantonese food again? And even better, at the same restaurant that we always go to?

I always find that Chinese people, especially the older generation (although it still runs rampant with people in my generation and the generation after me), tend to choose Chinese food over other types of food. Why choose that for every single frickin' meal out? What's wrong with Italian? Or Thai? Or Russian?

Perhaps it's comforting and familiar for them. Okay, I will give them that, but why not be adventurous and try other types of food once in a while? Why does Chinese food always has to be the first choice? Argh!

You know, eating the same things over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again gets pretty boring. The same type of food gets ordered every time we went out for any family dinner since I can remember, certain since the dawn of time. It's no wonder why I can't see why other people get so excited about eating Chinese food, I certainly can't muster up the enthusiasm myself. In fact, over the years, the desire to have Chinese food has mostly been beaten out of me because of the sameness of it all.

So, being the good daughter that I am (and after ranting to hubby), I sucked it up and ate Cantonese-style Chinese food. Again. At the same Chinese restaurant that we normally frequent for family meals.

At least my mom paid for it. I was all ready to pay, but she insisted, so in the end, who am I to argue?

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms and moms-to-be!

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Anonymous said...

The reason that most Chinese people (especially the older generation), will pick Cantonese food when dining out is because of the quantity-to-cost ratio. Where else can you feed a multitude of people for cheaper than the cost of dining at a typical Western restuarant - and still have left-overs to bring home.

If that's not the reason,then I guess it means that they're addicted to MSG!