Sunday, April 29, 2007

Shopping Booty

State-side shopping was really good to us! I've become a huge fan of DSW, and we were introduced to Ross, TJ Maxx and Kolhs. My sister describes Ross as a step above Winners and TJ Maxx and Kolhs as a step above Ross, but all these stores still sell ridiculously discounted items.

My main frustration was that there weren't a lot of shoes in my size (still!). I'm a 5-5.5, and a lot of shoe manufactures start at size 6. Booo on them!

Both hubby and I spent just under $200 USD each, and we were a bit worried that we would have gone over the 48 hour limit (which was $200 CAD), but we discovered (at the Duty Free shop of all places) that it's now $400 CAD. Whoo hoo! Hubby landed some really nice Bostonian dark brown shoes from the Clark's store in Bellevue Square, an Addidas running hat that he's been looking for (in a shoe outlet store of all places), and a square bamboo cutting board which he is very proud of. My mom got some Royal Dalton for dirt cheap.

Here's a list of my stuff, in order of price:

I got this at the Nine West outlet store for $13.99. We were all shocked as it was marked higher. There were even two sales girls checking the price. But I'm not one to complain!


Also a Nine West purse, but got this one at Ross. This isn't the actual purse, but it's close enough to what I have. Mine has an additional size zip pocket on either end-s of the bag, and the buckle's slightly bigger:


From the Kenneth Cole outlet store:


From DSW, so cute! (Sorry pic is so big!)


From the Sketchers outlet store


And my most expensive purchase, at $49.99USD, I couldn't find a picture for. Booo! They're plain black leather ballet flats with a string bow at the toe, pretty simple looking.


Chellezilla said...

Great purchases!!

hubby said...

Actually, the most appreciated unexpected find was the Patagonia Capilene socks. At $3.50/pair, I had to grab a few...perfect to keep my feet warm on the cool morning rides (especially because I've ended up spending more on gear than anticipated since starting this bicycle commuting thing).