Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rest in peace Gramma

I never knew Augusta "Billye" Maver in real life, but I got to know her in cyberspace. I first "met" Gramma through someone on Hitched; it was this lady's grandmother whom she took care of at home.

Through the last year or so, I got to learn a lot about Gramma, especially through her blog that her granddaughter put up. This lady last December turned 100, definitely a huge milestone for anyone. I even sent her a birthday card.

I found out this morning that she had passed away in her sleep. While I never knew this woman personally, I found myself very affected by her death. I actually spent the morning fighting off tears and trying to concentrate on my job.

Please do read through her blog, she certainly was a spunky lady and she has certainly left an impression on me.

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Changa said...

I felt the same way!