Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The patio table has landed in Seattle

Well, after all the worrying about US Border Crossing Guards stopping us and searching our car, when we reached the border, that never happened. I think a lot of it is:
  1. We've crossed the border with the same car several times before
  2. We didn't fit their typical profile of a terrorist and/or drug dealer
  3. We gave the guard our passports
  4. We didn't lie when we answered the questions.
  5. All three of us looked him directly in the eye and didn't act nervous or suspicous
We spent a total of 30 seconds talking to the guard. He asked us about the patio table and the bike (they were in plain sight for anyone to see), but then waved us through! I suppose that when he scanned our passports, our personal records probably came up, and there wasn't anything suspicious about us. We were nervous cause we sat forever in the lineup even though there were only a few cars ahead of us.

Anyways, mondo shopping tomorrow. Whoo!

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dinah34 said...

What? You don't look like drug dealers?

Have fun shopping1