Monday, April 16, 2007

Vacation Planning

So for the past little while, we've been trying to figure out holidays for this year. I had quite recently realized three things: 1) my summer's going to be very busy with work 2) I have 5 weeks of vacation, of which I have to use up at least 3 and 3) a lot of my co-workers have already booked time off. So I need to get my butt moving with the vacation plans.

Here's what we have planned so far:
  • Shopping trip in the US end of this month
  • Calgary visit end of June
  • End of August - unknown location for 5th year Anniversary!
  • October sometime (not Thanksgiving) - trip out to Toronto/Ottawa to visit friends (mostly hubby's)
One of the big things that we're working around for trip #1 & #2 is the fact that we have to cart family around, namely my mother and sister. That also requires working around work their work schedules. Mum is coming down with us for the Seattle trip, and on our way back up, we are bringing back my sister so we can do a birthday bash for my Dad. Then on trip #2, Mum's coming back with us to Calgary, but she's wanting to stay longer. Fine with me, but we have to book the tickets before the end of day tomorrow.

Let's see how everything eventually pans out....

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Ms.Smarties said...

5th anniversary, wow! Time flies. Come to San Francisco! There's tons of stuff to do including dinner with moi and my very own husbter :-)