Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The next few day...

  • Go to Chiropractor
  • Go to work
  • Go home and finish packing
  • Go grab something to eat on our way to Seattle
  • Crash at my sister's place


A couple of notes:
  • We will be going down with my mother (help me!), a large patio table and an old bike in the back (don't ask)
  • We will be coming back sans large patio table and bike, but with my mom and my sister.

Confused. Welcome to my life. This quick trip down took a bit logistic juggling. I had already booked my days of for Wednesday and Thursday, but after talking to my mom and my sister, we changed it to Thursday and Friday as my sister wanted to come back up for my dad's birthday.

Even though I really shouldn't be spending more money, I discovered that I really need a bit of a break, so we decided to go stateside for couple of day; retail therapy is definitely in order. Hubby wants to look for a pair of brown shoes. I'm looking for a couple of cute pairs of shoes and a new bag/purse. I will post booty when we come back.

Right now, I'm more worried about getting that stupid table across the border.


Chellezilla said...

Happy shopping! I sure wish we lived closer to the border...

Ms.Smarties said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!

About the table, how old is it? From what I understand, it has to be older than one year. Do you still have the receipt for it?

And have you decided on a location for your 5th anniversary trip? I want to know!

And what's up with the second blogroll, it doesn't update anymore, argh!

That's what happened when I don't comment for a while. It builds up!

dinah34 said...

Retail therapy definitely sounds like it's in order.

Good luck with the table.