Saturday, July 01, 2006

Weed's guide to the Grouse Grind

So today hubby and I did the Grouse Grind. I wanted to do something a little different from my regular Saturday morning step class at the gym, and since it was such a nice day, I figured, why not?

Today's time: 1hr 9 mins.

I'm really pleased with this time as it's the best time I've done since university. I guess all the cardio I've been doing has helped.

Weed's rules when doing the Grouse Grind:
  • Never stop for more than 30 seconds
  • Never sit down, except if you need to remove a pebble from your shoe, otherwise, you'll never get back up again
However, we did get there at 8.50 am, waaaay too late as there were a lot of people on the trail, too many for my taste. We're going to try getting there at 8 am next time.

Afterwards, hubby and I went to IHOP for brunch. Yum!

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