Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Treasure Hunters

So I stumbled on this show Treasure Hunters on Monday and found it a pretty interesting watch. There are a lot of similarities to The Amazing Race, as these people travel around the world doing different things.

The main thing about Treasure Hunters is that the whole entire game is a puzzle, and not just parts of it. It also seems that time and money are not factors in this (except the fact that each team is racing against each other). They're also given little laptops to carry around and use should they need to.

"Treasure Hunters is an exciting new adventure quest series featuring multi-player teams that will be sent off around the globe on a search for clues leading to the location of a hidden treasure. The first team to decipher all of the clues will be given the location of the treasure. The focus of the show will is not so much on the race to find clues, but on the actual solving of the puzzle instead."

Interesting premise. It certainly appeals to me at some level as I really love puzzles and rather take my time to figure something out properly than trying to race to figure something out quickly.

I'm surprised that NBC doesn't have a heck of a lot of information about this show on their website. They are looking for cast members, but it's uncertain if it's for the current season or the next one. I'm not too sure if they're somewhat ashamed of this show and don't want to showcase it too much on their website, or their webmaster is just incompetent and didn't plan out the site appropriately.

One group that's already annoyed me is the "Geniuses". Whether or not these three guys are really as geeky looking in real life as they portray themselves on the show, I don't know. But their theme was just lame. And they were annoying me.

But I guess I have another thing to watch on Monday nights for the next little while.

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